Our Story

our story

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Koreatown, The Kunjip specializes in truly authentic Korean cuisine with dishes that are reminiscent of Mom’s home cooking. As a family owned and operated establishment, we offer the genuine flavors of Korean food with various house-made delicacies that are prepared by hand at the restaurant: Kimchi, Man Doo (Korean dumplings), Soon Dae (Korean blood sausage), Korean Jang. The Kunjip offers the best of Korean fermentation, the foundation of Korean cuisine, with our Doenjang and Kimchi fermented in-house.

The Kunjip values quality ingredients, because we like to know exactly what goes into our food. We offer special seasonal dishes including the Ssambap special in the summer—a farm-to-table specialty served with fresh vegetables grown at The Kunjip’s farm in New Jersey—and Soon Dae-gukbap in the winter—prepared with our own house-made Korean blood sausage.

The Kunjip is open 7 days a week Sun - Wed 6:30AM TO 3:00AM / Thu - Sat 24 hours a day. We have been serving authentic Korean food on New York’s 32nd Street since 2002 as Kunjip, and have relocated to our new home spanning across two floors in 2014, being reborn as The Kunjip.